Stable Talk

Stable Talk: Monica Pozuc and Maddy Ricci

Stable Talk: Monica Pozuc and Maddy Ricci


With women's ice hockey head coach Tracy Johnson co-hosting for a second straight week (soak up the sun while you can Joe!), we welcomed two of her student-athletes, senior Monica Pozuc and junior Maddy Ricci to the show.

We talked about everything from ice hockey to Halloween costumes to being Cleveland (sorry, Monica) and Boston (we get it, Maddy, you win a lot) sports fans. The two were split on their Stampede answers and worked together to avoid being Stumped Stangs.

Maddy's spirit animal is anything that is short and fast and we are all in agreement that toilet paper should always be over intstead of under. More importantly, Monica explained the team's Let's Eat motto for the season.

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Next week, Joe is back and we are joined by two of our graduate assistant and fellow alums, Allie Ondrejcak and Gabby Brooks.