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Stable Talk: Julia Culotta

Stable Talk: Julia Culotta


With Joe out on his honeymoon, the gals took over the studio as Stable Talk's very first guest and head women's ice hockey head coach Tracy Johnson came back to serve as Sam's co-host. We were joined by second-year softball head coach Julia Culotta.

In addition to chatting about softball, we found out how late Julia (and Sam) found out Santa Claus wasn't real and how Julia would rather run a full marathon than go to the dentist. Our guest also crushed the Stumped Stangs segement with questions about Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill.

Tracy got her answer as to who came up with the term Stumped Stangs and learned that she is on deck for a trip to Florida with the softball team.

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Next week, Tracy is back in studio serving as a co-host for a second week as we welcome two of her student-athletes, Monica Pozuc and Maddi Ricci. Tweet us your questions at @Stable_Talk.