Stable Talk

Stable Talk: Abigail Provost and Tanner Ridgely

Stable Talk: Abigail Provost and Tanner Ridgely


This week we welcomed field hockey to the show with senior Abigail Provost and sophomore Tanner Ridgely joining the pod. Despite them not knowing what they were getting themseleves into, they were awesome guests.

We talked about how both student-athletes are superstitious when it comes to their pregame ritual and if you mess Tanner's up, you might get the death stare. We also learned how competitive both Abigail and Tanner are with their sisters and how Abigail has not seen many episode of Friends (we know, right!).

During the show, we learned whether they are team iPhone or Samsung, the last thing the purchased and their favorite place to eat in Owings Mills. To our liking, we also were told some funny Coach Martin stories.

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Next week we welcome more student-athletes to the show as men's golf senior Austin Fuglestad and women's golf senior Morgan Wirtz join Stable Talk.