Stable Talk

Stable Talk: Morgan Somerville

Stable Talk: Morgan Somerville


We were so excited to have our first guest from outside of athletics join us, Morgan Somerville! Morgan wears many hats here at Stevenson but her business card reads Director of Student Employment. Regardless, she has been here for 11 years now and has a number of stories to tell.

Ever wonder who created the Wild Stang Facebook page? Well, even if you didn't, it was Morgan. She is also the cofounder of Mission: I'm Home here at Stevenson and is basically rockstar.

Okay, we have talked her up enough! She tells us some hilarious and slightly embarassing stories from the time she got trapped in a cemetary bathroom after hours to her first day of school photo she took this year.

Morgan picked the correct way to place toilet paper, yes there is a correct way (over, not under) and told us why she prefers pancakes over waffles. She also talked about what it was like growing up as the oldest of four girls and how she may or may not have cried on stage.

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Next week we have field hockey senior Abigail Provost and sophomore Tanner Ridgely join the pod so be sure to tweet us any questions you have.