Stable Talk

Stable Talk: Andrew Catalana and Eric Dorsey

Stable Talk: Andrew Catalana and Eric Dorsey


Two of our most avid listeners finally joined the show as we welcomed men's soccer seniors Andrew Catalana and Eric Dorsey. When we started the podcast, our goal was to make it so listeners were asking to join the show, and we are there! So thank you to everyone who continues to listen to us talk every week.

We tested the two on how well they really know Stable Talk and what we learned is that they know it better than we do. We found out that Jake Brown has quite the interesting nickname and learned who the funniest and goofiest players on the team are.

Joe found his favorite new name and for another week Sam's Baltimore Ravens lead the Athletics Communication staffs NFL race.

We talk better than we write, so quite reading this and go listen to Stable Talk! We are on SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, Google Play, TuneIn and Roku. Make sure to leave us a review and tweet at us.

Next week we have our first non-athletic related guest join the show and we are pumped. Director of Student Engagement Morgan Somerville joins the pod so be sure to tweet us any questions you have.