Stable Talk

Stable Talk: Jaime Harris

Stable Talk: Jaime Harris


We would apologize for such a lengthy episode this week but we had too much fun. Jaime Harris, one of our fabulous athletic trainers, joined the show this week. And she had so much fun she came back a second time!

Okay, so we had some technical difficulties during our first recording so we decided to just do the entire thing over again. But it was worth it. We talked about when she knew she wanted to be an athletic trainer, why her Spanish name was Josephine and of course about Fitzwilliam Darcy (her dog).

We also found out that Jaime is in the line of succession to take the British throne, despite being eight million people down. So you're saying there's a chance! We learned Princess Jaime loves to be asked if her tattoos hurt (insert sarcasm here). And we also found out...wait you should be listening not reading!

Go listen to one of our most fun episodes where there was more laughing than static!