Stevenson University Athletic Hall of Fame

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Induction Year
Kerri Harmon (Class of 2001) Women's Soccer
Dorothy Hudson Barber (Class of 2000) Field Hockey, Track and Field
Kelly Matthews (Class of 1998) Men's Basketball
Dawn McFarland Rose (Class of 2004) Field Hockey
Trey Shackelford (Class of 1996) Men's Lacrosse, Cross Country
Tony Tamanini (Class of 2001) Men's Soccer
Heather Valunas Davis (Class of 2003) Women's Lacrosse
Dick Watts Physical Education
Krissy Busse (Class of 1997) Women's Lacrosse
Brian Gunning (Class of 1999) Men's Cross Country, Track and Field
Jen Monaldi (Class of 2000) Women's Soccer
Ricky Sanchez (Class of 1998) Men's Lacrosse, Soccer
Andy Welling (Class of 2003) Baseball
Nancy Zentz (Class of 2000) Women's Basketball
Carol Zimmerman Administrator, Coach
Tracey (Whetstone) Cantabene (Class of 1995) Field Hockey, Women's Lacrosse
Peter Nee (Class of 1996) Men's Lacrosse
Holly Chattin-Smith (Class of 2000) Field Hockey
Adrienne (Justis) Tamanini (Class of 2003) Women's Soccer
Wade Henninger (Class of 2005) Men's Basketball
Anthony Fitzgerald (Class of 2006) Men's Basketball
Fran Fidler Administrative Assistant
Dr. Kevin Manning President
Alicia Barnard (Class of 2006) Women's Basketball, Softball
Jessica Bensley (Class of 2006) Women's Volleyball
Holly (Bentz) Zajac (Class of 1998) Women's Tennis
Brad Friedel (Class of 2000) Men's Tennis
David Livermore (Class of 2000) Men's Golf
Eric Schmith (Class of 1999) Men's Lacrosse
Ken Ballance Softball Coach
Tim Campbell Executive Vice President, CFO
Tonia Cristino (Class of 2008, 2010M) Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball
Anthony DeFrancisco (Class of 2005) Baseball
Jaime (Hershner) Elwood (Class of 2001) Women's Lacrosse, Women's Soccer
Cara Hill (Class of 2007, 2010M) Women's Basketball
Steve Montalvo (Class of 2002) Men's Soccer
Dan Velez (Class of 2003) Men's Lacrosse
Jeb Barber (Class of 2002) Coach, Sports Information Director
Brett Adams Athletic Director, Men's Basketball Coach
Nic Bevacqua (Class of 2009) Men's Lacrosse
Jason Cohen (Class of 2007) Men's Tennis, Tennis Coach
Katie Decker (Class of 2010) Women's Soccer
Annie Ernst (Class of 2003) Women's Soccer, Women's Lacrosse
Greg Furshman (Class of 2009) Men's Lacrosse
Lauren Humphries (Class of 2008) Women's Tennis
Tricia Kauffman (Class of 2009) Women's Lacrosse
Wade Keenan (Class of 2009) Baseball