Stable Talk

Stable Talk: Tracy Johnson

Stable Talk: Tracy Johnson


Stable Talk is officially underway! Well, we posted our first episode back in July but our weekly episodes start today and our first guest finally joined us. We know you were tired of just hearing the two of us.

Women's ice hockey head coach Tracy Johnson got the honors of being the first guest. We talk about the best show to ever come across television. And if you had to ask, it is of course Friends. Okay, maybe it our favorite show but it has to top the list for some of you as well.

We dive into the fall sports and our thoughts on each of the upcoming teams. And of course, couldn't get away without talking some hockey.

Stable Talk got to know Johnson on a more personal level as well (spoiler: if she were a deli meat...well I guess you have to listen to find out).

Be prepared for weekly episodes to drop every Wednesday and thanks for listening!