The Weekly Dailey (06.03.11)

The Weekly Dailey (06.03.11)

Even though the men's lacrosse season has come to a close, continues to collaborate with senior All-American Jimmy Dailey as he shares his thoughts on the 2011 season and anything and everything about Stevenson and the world around us.


What's up everyone?

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for a great and fun last year! It was certainly memorable and we all had a lot of great times on and off the field. From Coach Puls' mustache to Long Island pizza to Natalie Portman, I'm not sure there's anything on here we didn't cover.

As far as earlier Dailey's were concerned, I have a couple totals, conclusions and updates for you all.

End of the season Chick Fila Milkshake total: 30!!! Boom! Hit the target even though ¾ the way through I thought I was going to hit 40, but im down with 30.

Best Cheesesteak in town: I have to go with my (boys and girls) at the vendor outside of the Home Depot on Reisterstown road. Yea you read that right, you all should go check it out for yourself, they are unbelievable.

Furthermore, Evan Douglass, Ian Bolland and I packed up our apartment (THE LYONS DEN!) and moved along down the road. We had some good times at that place.

I know I usually don't talk to much lax on here, but I would like to thank my parents, Coach Cantabene and the entire coaching staff, the faculty and staff at Stevenson, friends, the training staff, the alumni and last and certainly not least, my teammates. Big shout out to you all. I had some wonderful experiences at Stevenson that will be great memories and thanks again to everyone.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone again for reading, I hope these were a great end to your week on Fridays. I also would like to thank Sean Sweeney who pretty much produced this whole thing. Without him, there was no Weekly Dailey.

Well, it's been real guys, you'll be seeing me around!



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