The Weekly Dailey (03.04.11)

The Weekly Dailey (03.04.11)

With the much-anticipated men's lacrosse season under way, is collaborating with senior All-American Jimmy Dailey for an inside look at the Mustangs' chase for a national championship. Check back here each Friday as Dailey will be keeping a running blog on just about anything on his mind and everything that has to do with Stevenson lacrosse...


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Charlie Sheen, oh my God. Ridiculous. That guy is one of a kind. He’s starting a new revolution. I feel like he just does whatever he wants to do. I guess they canceled his show for the rest of the season, “Two and a Half Men.” They need a replacement. I might be able to step in.

It was cool (to be named CAC Offensive Player of the Week). I’m certainly very happy about it. It’s great to be recognized like that. It’s the first time since my freshman year in 2007 that has happened. So there was a little bit of a block in-between, but I am certainly excited about it.

I think everybody has their certain opinions, but I can see where the Coach’s Poll is coming from when they have Tuffs number one. Obviously, they are the best until proven otherwise coming off that National Championship. But I think right now, there’s like four or five or six teams that are really, really elite and competitive in Division-III.

(Paul Cantabene) is definitely a player’s coach, for sure. He’s also very intense so it’s the best. We know that he’s going to let us have the freedom to play the way that we play. We also know that he’s going to bring the intensity and fire us up to get us pumped up to play.

We do this kickoff banquet every year. We did it Friday and it’s a really good thing. A lot of administrators come and alumni. They have a live auction and a silent auction. A couple of words that Coach loves to say, I actually was going to keep a word count but forgot, but he loves to say “tremendous” and “above and beyond the call of duty.” Those are his “go-tos.” You know he’s in like selling mode when “tremendous” and “above and beyond the call of duty” are dropping every third word.

I did (watch the Oscars). It was good stuff. The King’s Speech won Best Picture. You know, I was really pulling for the Social Network. I’m an avid, avid Facebook fan. I’m probably on Facebook more than anybody in the world.

I’m on Twitter. Everybody should follow me. Initially, I took a little heat for having a Twitter. I got a Twitter in September 2009. And it was actually kind of funny. A lot of my close friends were like “Oh, you’re that guy…Twitter. You have a Twitter.” And now everybody is on it. I kind of feel like I’m an early adopter, definitely an early adopter, of tweeting.

By the way, a Chick-fil-A milkshake update: I’m at eight for the year. My projected total for the year’s end is like 27. I’m gonna take the over, lots of people took the over. So we’ll see. I’m gonna see if I can get to 30.

I’m doing a cheesesteak tour of Owings Mills. I’m going to every place and I’m rating their cheesesteaks. Oh man, I had one on Sunday. I went to this place, Pizza Town. I had a chicken cheesesteak. It was awesome. So I think I am going to hit up New York Pizza next and then just kinda make my rounds. I’m going to grade them. I’m going to throw out strict, strong grades. So far, I had kinda like an unofficial tour this summer. I thought they were all pretty good, but this one’s official. Oh yeah.

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