The Weekly Dailey (02.04.11)

The Weekly Dailey (02.04.11)

With the much-anticipated men's lacrosse season under way, is collaborating with senior All-American Jimmy Dailey for an inside look at the Mustangs' chase for a national championship. Check back here each Friday as Dailey will be keeping a running blog on just about anything and everything that has to do with Stevenson lacrosse...


You know, I wouldn’t say that it’s very different (being a senior). A lot of people talk about ‘Oh, it’s your last go. You should be more urgent.’ I’ve tried to keep the same intensity every year I’ve played. In terms of intensity, I wouldn’t say it is very different but I’m certainly aware this is my last shot in college. Maybe it could be deemed more special since it is that last try. It doesn’t really change the way I do things.

Coach T (Bob Tarring) is a 1972 graduate of UVA. He was giving me some great insight on some of the concerts down there back in the day. Bruce Springsteen. I don’t know if Bruce Springsteen was at UVA. But I know back in the day, I think he said the Rolling Stones, James Brown, and he said they were just killin’ it back in the day. It was kind of funny hearing that coming from him. It would’ve been pretty cool to experience that, back when they were doing their things in the early 70’s. So I’m sure that was rockin’.

Actually, every day during practice we kind of have this warm-up mix that plays in the speaker and a lot of techno going on. I’m a big fan of the techno as is my roommate Ian Bolland. He is big into it. We love it. I think some of the other guys could prefer maybe a little more hip hop or classic rock or stuff that is a little less intense.

I don’t know if this is so much techno as much as good house music. Pretty Lights. Maybe some Cut Copy. Daft Punk, “Derezzed.” It’s the theme for that movie, Tron. Yeah, that’s out. Definitely Pretty Lights. That’s pretty solid. Pretty solid right there.

Socially, anytime you play any college sport, your social life is going to be cut into and affected. It’s a sacrifice we are willing to make. You know what? In fall ball, we only have four weeks. That’s really when we can kind of enjoy college socially a lot more because we have a lot more free time. That’s not to say we don’t have fun in the spring; we have a lot of fun, especially after games, hanging out with one another. It’s definitely a lot of fun. So the whole experience in the spring is just a lot of fun, especially the build up after big wins. It’s great to hang out with the guys and just kind of chill out until that next game.

I don’t think Coach (Paul) Cantabene, I don’t think he’s ever beaten me in foosball. He likes trash talk and he likes to try to get in my head. He plays offense and I play defense. And I’m just seeing a lot of stuffed shots, ya know? And I think any viewer or the audience could tell you the same: I’m in Coach Cantabene’s head when we’re on that table. So there’s definitely some foosball trash talk going on. But it’s awesome to play with the guys. It’s great in the locker room: the ping-pong, the foosball, the 50-inch TV and everything. In the offseason, they have the Xbox in there. Definitely a great locker room, it’s a great tool to bring the guys together.

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